Graduation project 2012
Design Academy Eindhoven

This book is a tool for people who are dealing with cancer, helping them to recognize emotions evoked by the disease and its treatment, enabling them to express those to their loved ones and health workers.

This book was developed in collaboration with the oncology department of the Catharina hospital in Eindhoven, NL

This book illustrates the experiences of people with cancer during their disease. The name of the disease may not change, their experiences differ one by one. The way patients perceive their disease, influences the way they get through the process of recuperation and therefore deserves attention during the treatment.

Quotes of people with cancer about their perceptions are combined with drawings. The quotes concern the way the disease influences daily life, the drawings communicate the emotions and experiences people encounter. They do not only illustrate how the hospital visits and treatments are experienced, but rather concentrate on what patients experience when they are at home again. The cancer is always there and perpetrates every aspect of daily life. Not only the patients are forced to give it attention day after day, but also the people around them are influenced by it. The relationship with others, the relationship with the hospital, the most difficult and the most beautiful moments, the body, the tumour, the small annoying things, the concerns, the future, gratitude and pain, all these aspects are to be found in this book.

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ISBN 9789085621140
Language: Dutch & English
Print: Lecturis BV, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Sponsor: RISO radiological institute in Deventer, the Netherlands
With special thanks to: the oncology department of the Catharina hospital Eindhoven